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In celebration of Canada Day I'm putting out my last free colouring page. Future pages will be for sale because artists need money too;)

I entitled this one "Maple Leaf with Heart" and I coloured it with a mosaic of colours just as Canada is made up of a mosaic of people. The heart is not only for love of the land but for it's people.

More and more, I am reminded of how we need to care about each other. Inside and outside of our country. We're all connected. When everyone has complete equality, it's for the advancement of everyone. And we're not doing enough – especially here in Canada with the Native population. I encourage you this Canada Day to take a moment to reflect on that.

I wish I knew how to do more and one day I hope I will. Also, wish I was better with words to express why everyone should care about other people.

As an artist, the one thing I can do is offer up my art. Hoping it resonates. And that's why I began these colouring pages. It's something people can do to take their mind off of their daily stresses, give someone else a bit of enjoyment.

It's a small gesture but small gestures can sometimes matter in big ways. In my opinion, a little kindness goes a long way. So...



If you enjoy my work and would like to further support me, please visit my society 6 page where you can find this on various merchandise as well as my other illustrations, art and patterns that I went crazy with one day.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your long weekend.

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