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I've gotten behind on the blog posts. Have to get back into the habit. It's easy to procrastinate and choose something else to occupy time with but there's always a a voice saying "hey, you need to do this!" And then there comes the unproductive guilt...unproductive guilt leads to a block...block leads to writing fear (again)...blah.

Anyway – today, I watched a Chase Jarvis interview with one of my favourite artists / authors, Ellie Luna. It reminded me to come back to my blog and share some of my recent work. (Not in so many words of course). Watch it yourself here: Ellie Luna: Your Story is you Power

And here are some of my latest works (click for larger view):

Each of these paintings are from different locations around the world. Painting them reminds me how important travel is. Not just to reminisce on personal experiences and to express the beauty of the different environments but in learning about humans everywhere. Not just my tiny corner of the world.

There's also something about getting out of your comfort zone. Challenging yourself to navigate a different country and try to communicate with people who have had a different life experience. I find a smile and a hello (usually in the country's language) will go a long way. And most people have been helpful and kind. This is the stuff that gives me hope for humanity even the there are some horrible stuff going on (in Canada too).

But this post wasn't meant to be a political...anything. Maybe a gentle nudge to people to choose kindness. AND CHECK OUT MY LATEST PAINTINGS!!!

Thanks for reading! Ciao!

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