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I wanted to share with you my latest illustration and tell you what was on my mind when I created it.

A few weeks ago, I got the illustration itch. I'm also a graphic designer and I love working with the Adobe products. Creating these illustrations feels different from painting. It's less relaxed, meditative, flow feeling. It's more like an OCD, hyperfocus type of madness, feeling. Don't get me wrong, it's still enjoyable. But as soon as I start one of these things, DO NOT interrupt me until it's complete. I go into my own world, often forgetting to eat or take Ollie for a walk. (Sorry Ollie). The joy comes once it's finished and I get to put it on stuff.

This leaf was started from another of my illustrations that was based on the Toronto Blue Jays. I tweaked it, made it similar but different. The red one was first. And yes, I was thinking about my country when I made it. It's a pretty cool country. I'm grateful for the freedom, the diversity and healthcare (to name a few perks). It's not perfect, but I love it and that's why I added the heart.

The Blue version was made a week ago. And it was for Toronto. Last week, a guy in a van, who couldn't get laid, plus was off his rocker (that's all the credit he gets from me), ran over 26 people. Killing 10 and injuring 16. Toronto was in shock. Those people's lives cut short, all those families affected – it's heartbreaking. And I don't want to say much more about that.

In other news...repairs have been going on in my home, displacing everything including my brain. So blog posts my be a little spotty for a bit. This post took 4 days to write – derp. In the wise words of Dorothy Parker: "I may die before a train of thought leaves the station." So on that note – thanks for reading and happy Friday!

And publish.

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