• Raquel Aurini


"Sunset with Smoke Stacks" 5" x 7", acrylic on wood panel

The photo reference for this shot was taken while going over the Burlington Skyway Bridge – destination: parents place, Hamilton. My welcome back to Steeltown. Such contrast between this beautiful sky and this fascinatingly ugly smokey greeting of the steel mills.

In my head, I greet it back with a, "hi again, Hammer". This view has special meaning for me. My dad worked at one of those mills. He hated it. It took a fraction of his health away. And even though, I think he had dreams back then for something else, something better, his own thing maybe, he did spend the majority of his time working in this – smoke – because there were 6 of us kids.

For me, it represents my dad's sacrifice. I suppose it was a sacrifice. Though maybe there was too much fear of the unknown, plus us 6 kids. Maybe this is all just my years of projection and gathered speculation. Regardless, I think of this every time I cross that bridge. I'm grateful that he did this. So that we could have a roof over our heads, food, etc. But...what if? Also, this is partly why I've pushed myself and am working towards my own thing.

#chooseyourself #dreams #skies #mylife #studio

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