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It's baseball season again!

Isn't it about time the Jays won?! I'm not a huge sports fan, but I do love going to live games. Junk food, overpriced beer, and yelling my head off. I especially enjoy hecklers – even though I'm not always 100% sure what they're heckling about. Mainly it's nice to see everyone having a great time. The spirit is infectious. It also reminds me of my old cheerleading days...so very long ago. (Did I really do that?)

My illustration of the Blue Jays originated with a commision ask. A Christmas present for a friend's husband, 12x12 inches in size, with a blue jay bird and a maple leaf, The rest was up to me. I don't usually paint subject matter like this, but I took on the challenge. Why not?!

In my planning stages, I did quite a few blue jay portraits. Eventually, I came to realize that my client was a sports fan, not a bird enthusiast and so I simplified. The assemblage of the elements: bird, ball, leaf – similar to the Blue Jays logo, but with my own mark. The graphic shapes were inspired by nature, namely, the wings of a blue jay. They have these incredible mosaic patterns on their wings.

Happy I went this route, I don't think a bird on a twig would of had the same impact. And a pat on back, client loved it. One of the best lessons I learned in advertising is that it isn't about me, it's about the client. So design for them!


Patterns! Patterns! Patterns!

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From home decor, wall art, bags, apparel, and tech, you can find this Blue Jays pattern on white, light blue and grey backgrounds. Design a whole room around it. Or wear it as an outfit to a game. It also comes in single bird.

Today until 12am:


If you haven't already, and this may be available for only a limited time (still deciding), download and colour your own version of my design for free. You can find it on my website a click away here. Thanks for reading and bye for now.

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