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This painting is from a photo from my Punta Cana trip. I edited away the people. In life sometimes you need to edit away the people. Social media has become this huge yell feast of people with their opinions, beliefs, and need to be heard or seen. It's loud and discouraging at times. Can't we just be kind to one another? Respect each other? Want the best for everyone? Communicate with listening, critical thinking, and trying to understand? Sigh. My best days start off by not checking into Facebook. It's a trap.

Anyway – this painting is the life I'd like to live. In quiet contemplation of the landscape around me. Feeling the wind that's blowing in those palm trees. The sun on my body as I stare off into that horizon. And the water...I have a special love for the water. I can spend hours in an ocean (and have). It charges me.

One thing I find sad, is that some people are afraid to be alone, or don't give themselves the chance. When you can sit happily by yourself, away from the noise and chaos, you can hear yourself clearer. Anyone reading, I encourage you to find something that you love and to do by yourself. Make it yours. Whether it's painting like me, reading, jogging, knitting, or closing your eyes and listening to music. It's up to you to find the time to do what you love. And there is time. Busy is a choice.

My next new landscape, from the mountains of Mallorca, Spain:

You can follow this piece's progress on my instagram@raquelaurini_art. Both pieces have been worked on with scraps of time. It's been a busy month for freelance. Though – yay for steady money!

Like water, mountains give me that "aaaahhhhhh" feeling. Do you know that feeling? It's that calming, relaxing, forget that weight of the world you've put on your back thang. You are not Sisyphus! Stop rolling that boulder! Speaking to me and you here. I have to remind myself of this too. Rant over.

When I plan my trips, I make sure there'll be mountains at some point. Readers, is there a place you go to that takes you to a place of utter calm?

Time is your most valuable resource

A big pat on the back for finishing these two paintings. Lately, I've been reorganizing my time to fit in freelance work and it's been an adjustment. This week, I feel I hit my groove.

In the creative life, it's common to hit blocks. Whenever something is new in my life, which I need to time adjust for, I get blocked. It's also that perfectionism thing. Wanting something to be perfect doesn't make it perfect or help at all in the effort. Perfection is a jerk, it wakes up my inner critic and they gang up. It makes me tense. Takes me into that realm of overthinking. So I try to focus on the work and doing the best I can. Layer after layer, colour by colour, I build up the paint until it's finished. And then I start again.

I wish I could say I can do this without extra work. Nope. I need a coach. Books have always been a coach for me. One book in particular, which I've picked up, put down, shelved, picked up again – for god knows how long, is "The Sound of Paper: Starting from Scratch" by Julia Cameron. I purposely read this slowly and only when I need to. Every chapter is a lesson in how to live the artist life.

It's odd, everytime I pick it up, the chapter is about what I need to hear. This week was all about time and creative blocks. Bingo. Thanks Julia.

Here's a lesson from Julia Cameron's, "The Sound of Paper", from pages 107–108:

"And yet, time itself is not the issue it appears to be. In order to use our time freely, in order to grab at the small windows of time we have available, we must train our inner censor to stand aside and allow us to work. ...In short, we do not kill our censor off, but we learn to evade it. We learn to live and work while ignoring its steady stream of negatives. This saves us a lot of time. ...The trick with a block is to accept the fact that it is there and to work anyway."

When I think about my lack of time or anything, all I have is lack. Focusing on the negative, makes it bigger. You give it that life, it's all your choice. It took me sooooo long to learn that, longer still to remember when I need to remember.

Now that I have my ideal working space (alone), I can work whenever I make the choice to work. Watching Netflix isn't a need. Neither is sitting arguing with someone with a different opinion on Facebook (unless it's for good, use your powers for good;). Only another person can change their beliefs. Only you can control what you do with your time.

Okay – rant number 2 over.

I wish my readers a happy Easter or if you think it's weird celebrating a holiday when you're not religious, like me...a happy long weekend / chocolate celebration! Thanks for reading and CIAO!

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