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A year ago this past Monday, was the last day at my advertising job. Done with: being a cog in the wheel, TTC morning madness, and working for someone else. And I made my dream into my reality. I forgot who said this, though many have:

"you're either working on your dream,

or working on someone else's."

I felt like I was being "called", so I chose it. The year before, I had bought this book called "The Crossroads of Should and Must" by Elle Luna. It became my manifesto. It said everything I needed to hear, giving me the encouragement and push I needed. (Find Elle's pep talk for yourself here: medium.com/@elleluna/the-crossroads-of-should-and-must)

My freedom hasn't been what I thought. I do LOVE working on my own, in my own space, but expectations were pretty high at the start. I remember expecting to get my website complete, to set up a store and to be selling everything from that within a month. Ya. No. That didn't happen. Everything took so much longer...still...taking longer.

During this past year, I've learned many things: such as to have patience with myself, to take it slower, to chase what's worthwhile and to say no to what isn't. Mostly. I've gotten the theory down, the practice is still spotty. Mainly I want to have intentions rather than expectations. Much work to do. Bit by bit I'll get there.

Once I do get there, I have no clue what that reality will look like. But I intend it to be what I want and what I need – and a pretty damn awesome art life. And I get to have my sweet boy, Ollie – who's winking at you, to keep me company. Best coworker ever.

Now, back to painting for me!

Thanks for reading and following my journey. Until next time, ciao!

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