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Not the real Kevin Spacey.

A subconsciously created, Kevin Spacey.

Sometimes I have dreams with celebrity guest appearances. Last night was an interesting one.

In my dream, Kevin Spacey was 'House of Cards' mean! He told me I wasn't good enough. My blog posts are boring and I needed to use bigger words.


It made me cry, actually woke up crying, thinking "what the fuck, Kevin Spacey?!" And that was at 3am. Come 3:30am, I give up trying to sleep. The head is in too much of a whirl. I go downstairs to write the weirdness all down and housekeep my head.

Back to sleep. Better dream. Better celebrity. Though, this one with a giant clock chasing me.


I'd like to thank subconsciously created, Ben Affleck for making me laugh in dream no.2.

And that's my story.

Recently, I've dusted off my ad making skillz and have been freelancing. Nice to have another source of income coming in and working with a great client. BUT it's a juggle. It's harder to consistently post and paint.

But I'll get into a grove soon. There's always enough time for something you're dedicated to and love. I'll just take it bird by bird and keep going.

And tell that inner critic to shut the hell up. Especially while I'm sleeping.

Now, in the spirit of not being super critical of myself, I'm just going to post and not second guess...or proofread 147 times.

Thanks for reading. Ciao.

#dreams #vent #laugh #rant


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