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I love my city. It's not the best city in the world – not perfect, but it doesn't need to be.

Toronto has been my adopted city and home for seventeen years. I moved here after finishing my BA at the University of Guelph. In those days Toronto intimidated me. It felt so big, the subway was terrifying, so many new and unfamiliar things. Sigh, I was so young and inexperienced. The more I've explored Toronto, the more I loved it. Now, I don't feel like I'm from anywhere else. Not even Hamilton where I lived from 0 to 21, especially given how much I've changed in the past two decades.

This post is about one of my favourite areas in TO, the historic Distillery District. When I worked downtown I use to walk there almost every week. They always have great stuff going on there. Some of my favourite places in the Distillery include a funky gift shop called Bergo, for my chocolate obsession the Soma Chocolate Makers, and a fantastic Mexican restaurant called El Catrin Destileria for pitchers...and pitchers...and pitchers of margaritas. Check it out yourself at thedistillerydistrict.com.

Last weekend Ryan and I decided to check out the Toronto Light Fest at the Distillery. Second year for us. This occurs mid January and ending early March (this year on the 4th). If you're thirsty or peckish there's a heat lamp section for food and hot (boozy) drinks. I recommend the mulled wine. It was delish.

Every year the lights are different. This year, they lit up the resident spider (sculpture) with a laser show, had a dragon breathe fire, two lighted heads were talking to each other (not sure what they were saying), and I SAW THE BAT SIGNAL! Though I didn't see Batman and was disappointed with that.

I'm a nut for lighting, so this is pure joy for me. Come summer and I make my own lightshow. Those lasers people decorate their homes with at Christmas – I was among the first to purchase. Add fog machine, some erie red/orange Halloween lasers (that I like to call "The Hellmouth") and instant light show party. The lasers are extremely pretty when pointed at trees in the summer. And relaxing to watch.

Here are a few photos from the light festival. I tried to get some of the titles and artist names, but I got tired of searching the interwebs for the info. If you're in town, check it out! There's still a few days left to catch it, it ends this Sunday March 4th.

Nothing like finding free and cool things to do a subway stop away – with small bar hopping detours. It makes the winter more bearable and the summers AWESOME. Here's ​Ryan and I from the light fest. That weird smile of mine is a mixture of mulled wine, selfie taking and the attempt to smile while talking. Another unsuccessful multitasking effort. The lights are pretty though. Thanks for reading folks! Godspeed.

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