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Lately I've been painting a lot of small works. I have to say, smaller works are NOT easier to paint. They also take time – especially when painting with a smaller brush. Some of these I'll turn into bigger pieces.

Available soon on my site or NOW if you don't want to wait, I'm an email away at raquel@raquelaurini.com.

A little background on this post's cover piece: inspired from a camping trip my husband, Ollie (our rescue mutt), and I took last summer. Each year we canoe to a spot on St. Nora Lake, in the Algonquin Highlands and make a it home for a long weekend. We spend the days swimming, reading, and sketching. The nights we have a campfire cooked meal, watch the sun go down and listen to tunes. So incredibly peaceful. And then you go to sleep and spend the night worried that a bear is going to eat you.

For this latest small landscape, there wasn't photo reference – I used this sketch. This tiny little island in front of another called St. Margaret island. Isn't it adorable?

There's more!

In a previous post where you can read here: MY SKETCHBOOK V3: PUNTA CANA, I spoke about future paintings inspired by my beachy trip. And I finished a new one entitled, "Keep your Eye on the Horizon". It was composed in my head, while soaking for hours in the ocean. At 12" x 9", it's perfect for a small blank wall begging for life and colour.

That's this week's post, Ollie is giving me the "where's my walk" look – he's very demanding. Thanks for reading! Goodnight and goodluck!

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