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I've always had this pull to go to Tuscany. This photo says it all. It's an artist's dream. Look at those rolling hills, and colours. Also Tuscany has the best skies. The clouds must be jealous of the landscape, so it works harder to compete. That's my theory anyhow.

That photo was from 2015 when my husband and I, freshly married, rented an Airbnb in Radicofani, which is located in the natural park of Val D' Orcia. Dreamed of going back ever since. Beautiful country, food, and people. It made me proud to have an Italian last name and heritage.

I have been making art based on that time in Italy for two years now. Actually, it's what made me want to start painting landscapes. Before that I was painting abstract and smaller object studies. My art before was more of an internal expression focusing on colour, balance, structure – personal mood. And then I got therapy and found the more I travelled the more I wanted to focus outward on this incredible planet, portraying it in my art.

This is my second studio post this week – a pat on the back for me! I'm going to share with you a few photos and explanation of my process.

The first sketch isn't too much to look at. I plan to either rework or start again for the bigger painting I'll be making from this image.

From there I sketched the image on the board, and roughly painted it. I needed to step back from there so I left it for the day. The next morning, I revisited what I had done and studied the image. A quick thumbnail helped me to plot out my next steps for the painting.

Hours later – this.

For the next month or so, I will be working on these smaller paintings, not only in preparation for bigger works but to sell in my upcoming store. I'm really excited for that. Keep an eye out for changes to my site, I'll soon be inviting you to my online store.

Thanks for reading! Like they say in Italy, CIAO!

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