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The most annoying day.

Yesterday I waited in a virtual line up for almost 10 hours, to get membership tickets to a future exhibit at the AGO, Yayoi Kusama's "Infinity Mirrors"

For nine hours, and forty-two minutes of my life, I checked my online line status (pictured above), and my email – every 15mins. They said we'd have a time limit, so I was worried I'd miss it, while walking the dog or...showering. The line status kept saying, over an hour to wait. I'm sorry but, "over an hour" means 1.5hrs, 2 hours maximum.

Finally, my time came. Very excited was I. Though, I COULDN'T GET THE TICKETS!

Even though the site told me that the number of tickets I could get that day, was two for "Infinity Mirrors", and two of the present exhibit. A short, frustrated, cry ensued. Deep breaths. Back in line I go. Since membership renewal was shut down online, I'll try to call and renew first thing tomorrow, so I thought. Morning comes, no one is picking up phone right at 9am, I wait a few minutes, and the line is busy.

For January 9th, I set a reminder for the next "Infinity Mirrors", member ticket nightmare. Do we really not have the technology to make something like this run better? People's frustration was even published on blogTO: "Toronto went wild trying to buy tickets...".

Two takeaways: 1. Never blindly trust what someone or something says. Question it for yourself. Often I find this saves time, which is your most valuable resource.

2. ‎Sometimes you expect things in life, wait for them to happen, and get an entirely different outcome. Release yourself from certain expectations.

C'est la vie. That being said, here's a preview of "Infinity Mirrors"...it looks really cool!

In closing, an attempt at the positive.

Not the most inspiring post for the record, but sometimes a girl needs to rant and vent. Plenty of people were doing that yesterday as well.

I think this is going to be a great exhibition for the AGO, which is a place I call: my happy place. Often when I go there, if I'm tense, it relaxes my face. I study the work from the Group of Seven, say "hi" to the giant Riopelle, and visit my favourite rooms. I learn from these visits, and I think it improves my painting. The staff is always friendly, and sometimes you can jump on a tour to learn a thorough history. You can't always be happy with your happy place, but just so you know, the AGO is fantastic. I'm not going to stop going because of this hiccup. So I encourage you to visit it, support it, enjoy it.

There. I felt I needed to leave on more of a positive note. Sometimes we can hold frustrations, anger, and personal ideas of wrongdoings for too long in our heads and hearts. And that does nothing but bring us down – ruin our day, or worse, relationships. Nobody's perfect. Nothing's perfect. Just keep trying. Thanks for reading and bye for now.

UPDATE: After talking to the AGO tech support, the membership renewal situation was remedied. They enabled membership renewal on the queue-it site. Tickets today are still possible and for a shorter wait. I'm currently looking at 10–20 minutes. Much better than yesterday's 10 hours.

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