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I sell things

Today I'd like to introduce you to my store on Society6.com (also available at raquelaurini.com/merchandise). If you are unfamiliar with Society6, it is a great place to buy different products – from prints, t-shirts, pillows, bedding, plus more, and support artists. Society6 takes care of the manufacturing and customer service so that artists can focus on making more art.

I'm still working on things

These past months, I have slowly been adding to my store on the platform. Eventually, my plan is to have more of an illustrative line, such like the Toronto Blue Jays inspired pieces (style wise). My original painting prints will be available in another manner, more local hopefully. As always, my originals are for sale unless noted – I am just an email away. My website will be a work in progress for the next few months, and I plan to rearrange the gallery and store differently – better. So stay tuned, updates will be posted on my social media pages. If you're not already, please follow me (links in the menu).

Back to my baseball bird things...

If you downloaded my freebie, which is still available here, you can now get colour versions of the artwork on various products! Cool eh?! My Society6 store isn't limited to these, I also have prints and various items based on my paintings. Some of these paintings have gone to collectors, but you can still enjoy the work in your home.

Often Society6 has sales – so if you're from Canada, it is in US prices, but sales can offset this frustration. Often sales are placed on one section, such as prints, or pillows, etc, so when the sale is on everything JUMP ON IT! Oh and by the way:


Now that this post is finished – GO SHOP! Thank you for reading, bye for now, and thank you for your support!

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