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Tonight's sunset brought to you by nature, the original Artist, at work again.

It's barely 5 o'clock when we get to say goodbye to daylight. So much darkness has been driving me squirrelly, but at least there's always the changing sky to look forward to. I look at the colours nature has mixed and blended together, making note of it for my future works. It always makes me smile and want to paint it.

This week I finished a book by Parker J. Palmer, called "Let Your Life Speak". Couldn't put the last few chapters down. I spent four hours reading while making notes, quoting, and connecting things in my journal. He said something that interested me about nature, a seasonal metaphor, which made me think that I could come to a sort of appreciation of these cold and dark seasons that I have always detested.

Palmer explains, in his metaphor that the seasons together, the light and dark, the dying and rebirth are necessary for wholeness. In autumn, things die to come up again. Winter clears the landscape, let's you really see the trees for their branches. Early spring comes with mud, grey, rain, but you start to see tiny bits of life poking out, joining us once again, blooming. Life reborn. And summer, my favourite, makes it all worthwhile. We look to the late spring and summer as the finale, the best part of the year, but it's the other seasons that are part of the process. The route to getting to the good stuff, takes time and different stages – ones, not always enjoyable. Apply this to life in general.

As Palmer eloquently puts:

"The seasonal metaphor also gives our inquiry new scope. It takes the quest for selfhood and vocation out beyond its origins in the depths of the inner life, out beyond the human community and its call to leadership, into the world of nature, that most vast of all the visible worlds in which our lives are enabled."

To read Palmer's words yourself (and you should, because there's so much more there in his words) he is a contributor to the website 'On Being', where you can read about autumn yourself, here: https://onbeing.org/blog/autumn-to-cohere-in-mysterious-unity

That is all for tonight and this week. I have been focused on other things lately and had to let let a few things slide. The daily blog habit was overly ambitious anyway and there's so much I have to do that needs the time. (I take forever to write anything!) So, for now I'd like to remind you that this dark and cold has a purpose – even though it sucks, also pay attention to the sky. Thanks for reading, bye for now.

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