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As you all likely know, there's a colouring book craze for adults (it's not just for kids anymore). And it's about time society let's us play (or rather we have the go ahead). It's relaxing, soothing, calming. It's something that can take us out reality and in the attempt to colour in the lines, takes us back to our childhoods.

There's so much research on the benefits of colouring, I'm not going to reiterate them here, writers have already done better job at that – google or try this article from the Huffington Post, "7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Are Great for Your Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Health".

Before this colouring craze happened – or maybe it was the beginning and I wasn't paying attention, I was doodling to do the same thing. To let my face relax after the tension of the day – add pj's, wine, netflix to the doodling, achieve nirvana. The subject matter I wanted was easy, not too much thinking. So I would copy from books. One go-to subject was TIKI (capitalized and bold pink, because that's how much I like it).

I collect everything tiki. I have almost every book and a dvd of it's history. We have a tiki bar on our patio, where we'll have tiki inspired parties. We had a tiki wedding – it was so much better than anything traditional. It's a lifestyle I admire, and places that I aspire to visit throughout the world. Ya, I'm a bit obsessed. (subject for a future post).

Back to doodling. Looking back in the past, to my student days, doodling was what got me through the lectures. Not just boring lectures, but interesting ones as well. I found it kept my mind sharp, helped me to think. And IT'S A THING – researchers have found it to do exactly that (I could have told them that earlier). Click here for more on doodling, including a TED with Sunni Brown called "Doodlers, Unite!". Sunni Brown (great name) has an updated (and real) definition for doodling or "to doodle":

“Doodling is to make spontaneous marks to help yourself think”

~ Sunni Brown on How Doodling Facilitates Learning

Yes. It's also a natural artist thing to do. It's how a lot of artists, including this one, get to their ideas for their work or work on their ideas.

Pictured below is from three pages in my sketchbook. They're not always good and that's fine, it's not about perfection. I enjoy copying parts of text, the iconic tikis, related tropical fun stuff, and the signs from bars of the past. Maybe I'll go back and colour them on day.

If you're not following me on social media, you may have missed my free offering, a colouring page based on one of my paintings. It's been fun colouring it again and not as a painting, treating every section to a different shade, making it like a mosaic, which was the original inspiration for this piece. I get a kick out of seeing how other people colour theirs.

Download and print yours for free at raquelaurini.com/freebies and please #hashtag or tag me @raquelaurini_art so I can see it. And don't be afraid of colour!

I must retire to eat, wine, and doodle. Thanks for reading and bye for now.

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