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TEAM Dog Rescue is a rescue based in Toronto, Ontario, and it's very close to my heart. In 2013, my husband and I adopted our beloved dog Ollie (Oliver) from TEAM. He's amazing. To thank TEAM Dog Rescue for bringing Ollie into our lives, I design their calendars.

Each year, there is a different theme. And for 2018 the theme was simple, alumni's coming together and sharing their favourite photos. If you would like to TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM, you can buy one now on their website: teamdogresucue.com. Every dollar raised from your purchase goes back to their Rescue Fund to help save more homeless pets, and their mission to find them their furever families. If you are in America, note that the holidays are Canadian ​–but you know your holidays, and do you really need to celebrate Presidents Day next year anyway?

About our boy Ollie was originally from North Carolina in the USA. He was rescued on Stray Animals Day on April 4th, 2013, when he was one day away from being euthanized by heart sticking, (a horrible inhumane way to die). The pictures below are of Ollie, then know as "Kennel 13" at the shelter, and then being picked up by the TEAM rescuers. His coat was dull and coarse. His tail and ears down. He was unsure of himself. He was described as terrified in the shelter and scared of all the noises, people, and other dogs. He was even afraid to go outside. I can still see a chunk out of his lip where his wound use to be. No one knows how he got that.

Once he was in Canada, TEAM had a fundraiser to help pay for his vetting, and name him. People bid to call him 'Ollie'. When we were looking to adopt, we had prerequisites. 1. Since we had two elderly cats, he had to be a feline charmer. 2. Be somewhat lazy, like us. We knew we couldn't do those 45 minutes walks two to three times a day. 3. Be okay living in the city in an apartment (some dogs need more space). Bingo, Ollie's description was exactly a match, application, and home visit was a success, we just had to meet the boy. When I met Ollie, it was love at first sight. We drove to Peterborough where he was being fostered. When I saw that sweet face I walked right to him, forgetting to properly greet his foster (that's what Ryan is for). He was laying on a bed – lazy, check. We watched as a cat walked right up to Ollie and laid beside him on the bed – cat charmer, check. He was perfect. I would have taken him home that day (we were approved as well), but Ryan needs more time than I for these sorts of things. A week later we drove back to Peterborough to picked him up. On the car ride home, we wondered if he was a defective dog, as we smelled the stinkiest, roll down the window, dog farts, all the way home. Turns out, he was just nervous, not defective.

Ollie now is a much changed dog. He has what I call shiny Pantene dog fur - no more dull coat. His ears are almost always up, with a wagging tail. He is indeed gloriously lazy and loves to be comfortable on the couch, or bed, anywhere soft. Though one of my elderly cats this year passed on, he has 3 feline sisters (two new cats this past year). They adore him. He is still nervous around certain noises, actions, and people, but every year he becomes more and more comfortable and confident. We like to think we have given him a great home, and life. We're positive that he has added to ours. And as I now work from home, having the animals around help so much, if only I could train them to clean my paint brushes.

Again, please visit TEAM Dog Rescue and purchase a 2018 Calendar, or donate. They are a non-profit charity, run by volunteers, and every dollar goes back to the animals.

Thank you and by for now.

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