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From my Cinque Terre Series, "Manarola" 40"x30", acrylic on canvas (a work in progress)

I started this painting on October 16th and it has quite a ways to go. The buildings are half way sketched out, and perhaps another week until I can do the fine tuning. Crossing my fingers for a November finish date, but I don't want to rush it. While I worked on it Monday, Tuesday and today I needed to place eyes and hands elsewhere and this half finish work pictured below, caught my eye.

I had a jellyfish painting phase back in 2014. It was a transitioning period for me. I had started to paint my "Small Gestures" series, which were a series of small paintings. Subject matter was limited to objects that I had, including photos (the jellyfish photos were taken at Ripley's Aquarium). I would paint them after work while half watching tv with my husband (then boyfriend). I think it was these mini paintings that made me want to focus more on painting real things since at that point I was painting mainly in abstract.

View my abstract gallery here and my small works here.

This 30"x48" jellyfish painting, never felt done to me. Loved the jellyfish, but hated the background. So a new background I started. It's still at the – where the fuck am I going with this, phase, but the colour is better. It's more soothing, like watching a jellyfish float in it's environment.

I think it is so important to not get too anxious for perfection over a piece. Whenever I get tense over a painting, unable to get back to the flow, I'll switch paintings. It's why I usually have a few on the go. With "Manarola", I was starting to feel the anxiety. That's why I made it part of my process, to take some time and just look what I'm painting. In looking, I can plan how I want the finished piece to look like.

I have this one quote by my easel to remind me to slow down:

"Have no fear of perfection – you will never reach it."

Salvador Dail

Sorry if this post was a bit rushed, it was. The Wix Blog Manager is a piece of shit, and it deleted half my post. I almost abandoned it for the night, but I have a goal to post, and get better. Again—the Dali quote about perfection comes to mind. I'm still getting use to blogging, so it's ok if I suck. Anyone—if you're reading, thanks for that, and bye for now.

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