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"I may die before a train of thought leaves the station."

Dorothy Parker

And that's this week's sentiments.

October is the month where I live in complete denial that summer is over. November is the month I mourn the summer. See, I'm solar powered. This amount of grey can leave me feeling grey. That being so, I thought I'd share a list of some of my strategies for dealing with these meh-vember moods. Cause right now, I got nuthin' else in me to write.

List o' pick-me-ups:

• Write. I journal every day to give myself a boost. It doesn't have to be Shakespeare.

• Practice gratitude. Count your blessings, the people, animals, whatever you're thankful for.

• Read something. Get out of your head and into someone else's.

• Draw, paint, create something, or just colour. Grab yourself an adult colouring book.

• Workout, the worst part is getting yourself to do it - blah blah, endorphins (you know this).

• Take a walk in nature. Don't like walking? Park yourself in front of a tree with some tea.

• Laugh – there's cat videos galore out there, find one, or 53.

• Speaking of videos, find one that's motivational; give them blues/greys some perspective.

• Hug an animal (that is, if you're not allergic). A cat's purr has healing properties.

• Stay away from news and social media (which strangely enough has become the news).

• Let yourself feel this way, accept it, and know it'll pass.

• Sappy movie + comfies + wine + popcorn. One of those laugh/cry numbers.

• Write a list of things you do for a pick-me-up. Apparently this is working.

• Rollerskate (yes @home, it's not living if you're always worried about the hardwood floors).

• Let yourself be silly. It's so important to not always take yourself so seriously (tough, too).

Do you have any pick-me-ups? Share in the comments section.

Thanks for reading and bye for now.

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