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I am not a fan of chores. They have to be done though. What helps me get into that chore grove, is listening to something. As much as I love music, I get distracted with finding the right song. The grove gets lost. What helps me carry on with the drudgery? Podcasts. Stories and lessons that keep me entertained and engaged throughout the boring task. This past weekend I gave into the reality that the cold weather is here. Time to stow away my summer clothes and fill my closet with cold weather clothing—yuck. It's surprising how long this takes and yes, I consider it a chore. Thanks to the podcast, it got done.

What I listened to get me through that was an interview between Tim Ferriss and psychologist Dr. Philip Zimbardo. I love reading psychology and being that I was familiar with Dr. Zimbardo' work, I was excited to find the interview. It did not disappoint. So many gems in this interview entitled, "How to Not be Evil". If you have never heard of Dr. Zimbardo, you're probably familiar with one of his experiments, the Stanford Prison Study from 1971. Recently they made a movie out of it, check the trailer for the "Stanford Prison Experiment", here. The results about human nature that they found from that study are chilling. We like to think that in the face of evil, we would behave with good, but most likely, we'd probably wouldn't. Makes me think of social media and how some people behave when there's an opinion that differs from theirs—scary stuff.

I think it's important to understand ourselves and humanity. To fight against evil and what is easier to do. In the podcast Dr. ZImbardo gives the advice to question authority; just because someone is in an authority position, does not mean they know what's right. Authority does not equate to truth, and "because I said so" is not a reason. Because someone is a CEO, a manager, even a President of a country, does not mean they have the truth or know what's right. So "practice mindful disobedience" and question, as Dr. Zimbardo advises. Listen to that podcast to find out what all of that means.

More on Tim Ferriss:

If you've never heard of Tim Ferriss, check him out—he's golden. Find his work at: The Tim Ferriss Show. I own all of his books and am impatiently awaiting the latest, "Tribe of Mentors". In his podcasts he interviews professionals in many fields (sports, arts, business, etc), and I have learned so much from this. He'll probably be someone that I'll mention in future "Something Heard" posts, since he's a go-to whenever I'm feeling stuck in my progress. Check him out.

It's paint time. Thanks for reading and bye for now.

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