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I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. Check out my two sweet new paintings below.

"Artà, Mallorca Mountain", 40"x30" acrylic on canvas.

This one picture of a Mountain in Artà was taken right as we left our airbnb, driving to the airport. It was a quiet morning and I was sad to leave such beauty, but excited for the next part of the trip, Ibiza. We stopped here to take this picture. Those clouds and the sunrise, those rolling hills, that crazy beautiful mountain, which we had passed every day while we were there, made me want to move there. So many colours, probably less than what I painted with, but I like to emphasis and exaggerate. In my head the colours are always brighter than what the can camera take.

"Cuevas de Artà", 36"x24", acrylic on canvas.

This next painting was finished earlier this week. The interior of the caves of Artà were incredible. We had one day for caves and a beach. This was the first and best one we saw. It was immense inside, incredibly cool, and the tour guide was super entertaining. I probably took over 100 pictures here. The shapes and lines of of the stalactites and a stalagmites looked as if it could be straight out of an Aliens movie. Love. This will be the first in a series of Hidden Landscapes. I look forward to adding more to my collection of cave photos to paint. Perhaps in the next trip. Below is the exit of the caves—see, huge!

And now—wine and unwind time. Thanks for reading and bye for now.

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