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I woke this morning feeling like an emotional piece of shit. Whenever I get like this, I find the best thing I can do is shut the head up by painting, drawing, creating. Simultaneously, I watch YouTube interviews. "The Chase Jarvis Live Show", has recently become a go-to. Today, the first video that came up, was an interview with Brené Brown, entitled "The Quest For True Belonging". Coincidentally, I ordered her new book, "Braving the Wilderness" last night. Timely I thought. Everything they talked about was a big wow-wow-wow! These are the squirrels going through my head right now. And it's normal. Cool.

Then my smart tv choked (it's not so smart), and I had to restart – grrrrrr. Somehow, when I was trying to fast forward to get back to my spot in the interview, it went to the next video. Annoying. Another grrrrrr. Until I read the episode title, "Real Artists Don't Starve" with Jeff Goins. I looked at what I was painting, then back, pressed play. I'll get back to Brené after this. Again, exactly what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it, and strangely in the order I needed to hear it. I then went back to the Brené Brown's interview, and felt  like I got a whole college course education. I could have used that course when I was in College or University. Perhaps if you're reading this, you can use this as well, here are the YouTube links:

The Quest for True Belonging with Brené Brown and Real Artists Don't Starve with Jeff Goins.

The picture for this post, is of my latest work in progress. This is what I was painting while I listened to the interviews. I think those interviews help me to paint better. I don't get stuck on getting the image right and over focusing. I'm able to let go, and enjoy the process. I feel clearer with what I'm doing. Maybe it's because I have these voices saying – "me too", "everyone feels this way", "it's suppose to take time" – these videos are like a really good friend who's not bullshitting you, giving you the truth, and encouraging you at the same time. 

And that's all for now, I'm going to publish this before I second guess. Thanks for reading.

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