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I have been finding it difficult to blog since my last post. My bravery for posting publically left the building this past August, when I came back from Spain. No clue why. So I'm going to force myself to blog, publish, and second guess less. As I like to say "dance like no one's watching, and blog like no one's reading". Which is probably the case.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. And that's not correct. 21 is actually a myth or a minimum...one of those. But I'm not a scientist, so let's look what they have to say on the subject*. According to James Clear, in his article "How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? (Backed by Science)":

"...if you want to set your expectations appropriately, the truth is that it will probably take you anywhere from two months to eight months to build a new behavior into your life — not 21 days."

Boo. I don't want to count on any amount of time for this habit to "click". Confidence with this could take a while. My goal then is to do it everyday until I'm comfortable. Posts with quotes, books, studio, and travel stuff, anything I'm interested in – you will find here. In a mass of verbal diarrhea. I think if you really want to do something, you have to start small, and build up the confidence for it. So no matter how good or bad it is – I'm just going to blog it.

*More on what they have to say: here's a book suggestion on the subject, and a great website, check it out on Brain Pickings: this is my favourite site for book reviews.

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