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Our living room that weekend:

I spent the long weekend camping with my husband Ryan and dog Ollie. I refer to this yearly event as Ollie's vacation – it makes him so happy. For us it's fantastic getting away from the buzz of traffic, the noise of people, and breathing air – fresh air. We love the city, but sometimes we need a break from it.

I want to share with you the sketches I made during this trip. Ryan reads, Ollie chases flies, and I sketch. Sitting on the rocks by the campfire, looking out at the water onto that incredible landscape - I feel like I breathe differently there. It was nice to recharge, and trees must have some sort of healing properties (mentally, my knee still hurts). Only two sketches this year. I blame the outbursts of showers.

Camping is not easy. Especially for this once proclaimed indoor girl. For one, I'm terrified of spiders and the outdoors have those, a lot of those. I have adapted. For two, the bathroom situation. I've accommodated myself by bringing what I like to call my outdoor ensuite. Yes. I bring my own toilet and tent to contain it. Don't judge. I think it's important to get out of one's comfort zone; however, sometimes you can only go so far with that.

While the weather was a touch spotty this year, and forgetting our sleeping bag made the nights so very cold, it was well worth the trip. Nature was kind enough to give us some sunny weather, two incredible sunsets and one night of stars (rarely seen in the city).

In closing – LOOK AT THAT SUNSET! And go outside, sit by a tree. Breathe. Because this is the good stuff.

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