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The image was taken in Florence, Italy where I came across this plastic cloud installation and had to play in it because it was awesome. And that's me in a nutshell.


Bio (talk about myself in third person time)

Raquel Aurini was born in Hamilton, Ontario. She received her BA in Studio Art at the University of Guelph in 2001 and in 2004, a diploma in Digital Media Arts from Seneca College. For the past 14 years, Raquel has balanced a career as a graphic designer in advertising, and her painting. Showing mainly in Toronto and Montreal. This past year Raquel has made art her main focus. Although beginning her body of work in the abstract style, Raquel has been painting landscapes for the past three years. She interprets the places in the world where she’s travelled, expressing the beauty of nature she sees in her paintings. Raquel currently resides in Toronto. 


Artist Statement

I make landscape paintings using vibrant colour and bold sweeping lines. My paintings are based on personal photos and the positive, happy emotions those memories bring. I want the viewer to be reminded of the possibilities and beauty that life is. 


I paint landscapes of my experiences, interpreting my positive emotions of places been, things seen. Using vibrant colour, bold lines and shapes I paint to describe my awe and feeling for the beauty that’s around us. I know all too well how focusing on the negative, will only bring more of the negative. So with my work, I want the viewer to feel a sense of possibility, that even though there’s much sadness, hate, violence in the world, the little things we take for granted such as a sunsetting sky can uplift us into a better place. 


The landscape paintings I make are the way I communicate and connect. This is how I choose to see the world, with possibility, colour, light, and beauty. I’m all too familiar how defeating negativity can be and know this world has a lot of it. In my work, I use vibrate colour to express my joy of what I’ve seen as I paint my personal photos of things and places I’ve been. I hope to transport the viewer into a positive space, somewhere where the grass is always green, the sky blue and to connect with at least with an “I’ve seen a sky like that before”.


Toronto, ON  |  email: raquel@raquelaurini.com  |  © 2019 Raquel Aurini 

Artist retains copyright ownership and all reproduction rights to the artwork. The artwork may not be reproduced in any manner, whatsoever, without a written and signed agreement by the Artist.

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